About Product

What Is Panty Liners:

Panty liners are much thinner than sanitary pads. But designed to absorb personal hygiene and light vaginal discharge. Like pads, their backside also has sticky adhesive for fixing in panties, So that you Do not feel any kind of discomfort. Other then the periods, rest of the days are also when vaginal discharge or white discharge is more than normal. This often happens a few days before Periods and a few days later. The sudden wetness makes you feel uneasy and icky at times. … And those are the days when you need panty liners.

Why Using Anion Sanitary Pads and Panty-Lyners:

Anion and anti-bacterial composite chips applied in sanitary napkin can release negative ions. The Anion can penetrate into human body, bring out the blood clot and inflammation schmaltz that deposit in the body for a long time in the Blood circulation. Negative Ion or Anions includes enhance immune system, balances ph, prevents or kills bacteria, viruses and yeast. They also say that anion enhances damaged cells and reduces inflammation.