Anion Sanitary Napkin:- 340 MM – ( 6 Pads)

Anion Sanitary Napkin:- 340 MM – ( 6 Pads)




  • Length of the pad: 320 mm
  • Individually packed pads available in packs of 6 counts.
  • Unique Winged design & Side Protection for a well balanced absorption that prevents 100% side leakage.
  • Premium Soft Cotton for extreme comfort and allowing the liquid to absorb 3 times faster.
  • Revolutionary Anion Technology with all organic materials to enhance anti bacterial capabilities and relieving discomfort.
  • Sterilized Layer with extremely absorbent FRUIT gel. (Made of ALOE VERA/PAPAYA) which locks Fluid Particles for providing a fresh and comfortable experience.
  • All Breathable Layer for eliminating moisture and keeping you cool and fresh.


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